Using the District Plan PDFs

How to use the District Plan PDFs to find out which rules apply to a particular property.

Resource Consent Check unavailable

Due to the release of the Proposed District Plan, our online Resource Consent Check service is unavailable while we work on creating a new tool for the updated plan.

You can use the ePlan to see this information in a searchable map.

ePlan – our District Plan online

1. Find your property

Use the street index to find your street. This will tell you which map you need to open.

Volume 3: Maps

Find your property on the map, then use the key to map elements to read the map.

Key to map elements

2. Check which rules apply to your area

Check the activity area

The colour of the property on the map will refer to a particular activity area or zone. This will guide you to the appropriate polices and rules in Volume 1.

Volume 1: Objectives, policies and rules

Check if there are any "overlays"

Check if there are any overlays over your property – they can cover large areas, so you may need to look at the whole neighbourhood.

The different overlays on the maps represent various types of overlays, such as designations, Māori precincts, natural hazard areas, heritage areas, ridgelines and hilltops, or a reference to special rules in the Plan.

Volume 1: Objectives, policies and rules

Volume 2: Design guides

Check for heritage symbols

Symbols can represent a heritage tree or building, or a Māori site. If there are symbols, you will need to look at the heritage section of Volume 1.

Heritage: Introduction, Objectives and Policies

Heritage Rules

Heritage List: Areas, Buildings, Objects, Trees and Māori Sites

Check for special provisions

Maps 32–61 show where specific rules apply – for example, areas close to the airport, on ridgelines, or in commercial areas.

Volume 3: Maps

3. Check for changes to the District Plan

Because there are some changes to the District Plan that are still in process, check the list of active plan changes and variations as well as the operative District Plan.

District Plan changes and variations

Need help?

Before you start, we highly recommend you seek help from a planning consultant, surveyor or architect.

A professional may also be able to help you design your project so it complies with the District Plan and does not require a resource consent.

You can also talk to a Council planning technician – phone 04 801 3590 between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

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