The ePlan is Wellington City's District Plan in a map-based, searchable, easy-to-use tool.

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With the ePlan, it’s now quicker and easier to find the District Plan provisions that apply to your property. Simply type in your address, or locate your property on a map, and the ePlan will automatically pull out what you need to know.

The ePlan contains the same information as the District Plan - it’s just a different way to access and understand it.

The ePlan has a wide variety of new features, such as

  • a modern map-based interface 
  • the option to view only the parts of the District Plan that are relevant to a particular property
  • information about any Plan Changes that apply to a site
  • the ability to jump between references to other parts of the District Plan
  • the ability to select defined words to see their legal meaning
  • the ability to create a ‘Property Report’ with the area-specific District Plan provisions that apply to a site (such as hazard areas or heritage features).


We plan to add new functionality and improve the ePlan over time, so we would love to hear your thoughts and experiences. We'll use this feedback to fix any issues that arise, and to make more changes to the ePlan.

You can give us your feedback quickly and easily with our online form. You can access this within the ePlan from the  'Feedback' button at the top of your screen, or use the button below. 


Heritage inventory

To find specific information relating to a listed heritage item in the District Plan, you can search the Wellington City Council heritage inventory.

The heritage inventory is an online resource and is useful for anyone who needs information on a specific building, its neighbours or wider context.

Access the heritage inventory

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