ePlan – our District Plan online

Our ePlan contains the same information as the District Plan – it’s just a different way to access and understand it.

When to use the ePlan

Use our ePlan to find the District Plan provisions that apply to your property. This will help you understand what rules your project will need to comply with.

How to use the ePlan

Note: The ePlan is designed for use on desktop computers and may not function correctly on mobile devices.

1. Search for your property

Tick 'District Plan' in the Map Tools box, then find your property using the search bar or the map.

2. Click 'Show District Plan for'

Once you've found your property, you can see the District Rules that apply by using the 'Show District Plan for' button in the top-left hand corner.

3. Check for property or area-specific provisions

Select the 'Property Specific Items' tab to see what property or area-specific provisions apply to your property.

Use the 'Property Report' button to create a 2-page summary of the property, including the zoning, specific provisions, an aerial image, and a District Plan map.

4. Explore the District Plan provisions for your property

Explore the chapters shown on the left of the screen, which are those that may be relevant for your property. In each, the ePlan will show the contents which may be relevant.

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Heritage inventory

To find specific information about a listed heritage item in the District Plan, you can search the heritage inventory.

Access the heritage inventory

Send us feedback about the ePlan

We'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences so we can improve the ePlan over time.

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Need help?

Before you start, we highly recommend you seek help from a planning consultant, surveyor or architect.

A professional may also be able to help you design your project so that it complies with the District Plan and does not require resource consent.

You can also talk to a Council planning technician – phone 04 801 3590 between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Find out if you need resource consent