Volume 2: 2000 District Plan Design Guides

Guidelines for developments of particular types, or in particular areas, and suggested guidelines relating to design against crime and wind.

Using the District Plan PDFs

Because there are some changes to the District Plan that are still in process, you may also need to check the list of active plan changes and variations.

District Plan changes and variations

Design Guides
Central Area Urban Design Guide
Central Area Urban Design Guide (990KB PDF)
Appendix 1: Pipitea Precinct (4.11MB PDF)
Appendix 2: Te Aro Corridor (1.0MB PDF)
Appendix 3: Heritage Areas (2.73MB PDF)
Appendix 4: 9 - 13 Stout Street (32KB PDF)
Residential Design Guide
Residential Design Guide (902KB PDF)
Appendix 1: Thorndon (764KB PDF)
Appendix 2: Mt Victoria (2.20MB PDF) 
Appendix 3: Aro Valley (741KB PDF)
Appendix 4: Southern Inner Residential Areas (830KB PDF)
Appendix 5: Oriental Bay (1.42MB PDF)
Appendix 6: Coastal Edge (639KB PDF)
Appendix 7: Johnsonville Medium Density Residential Area (1.88MB PDF)
Centres Design Guide
Centres Design Guide (870KB PDF)
Appendix 1: Newtown (247KB PDF) 
Appendix 2: Brooklyn (91KB PDF)
Appendix 3: Kelburn (106KB PDF)
Appendix 4: Churton Park (41KB PDF)
Appendix 5: Adelaide Road (514KB PDF)
General Design Guides
Business Area Design Guide (138KB PDF)
Subdivision Design Guide (361KB PDF)
Rural Area Design Guide (3.32MB PDF)
Signs Design Guide (557KB PDF)
Character Area Design Guides
Thorndon Character Area Design Guide (403KB PDF)
Mount Victoria North Character Area Design Guide (98KB PDF)
Shelly Bay Design Guide (154KB PDF)
Institutional Precincts
Victoria University Design Guide (497KB PDF)
Mount Cook Precinct Design Guide (259KB PDF)
Wellington Hospital Design Guide (294KB PDF)
Non-statutory Design Guides
Design Guidelines for Wind (214KB PDF)
Guidelines for Design against Crime (258KB PDF)