Property reports

A property report provides all the information contained in a Building Information Report, but it is not as extensive as a LIM report.

Upper-storey verandah.

Types of property reports

There are three types of property reports available:

  • properties with up to 2 household units
  • properties with 3 - 8 household units
  • properties with 9 or more household units.

(One building may contain several household units. For example, a large house may be divided into three flats / units or an apartment building may have 20 units.)

Property reports are not available to commercial properties, including mixed residential/commercial properties. If you require a report for a commercial property, please apply for a LIM report.

What a property report includes

The report includes the following details:

  • aerial photograph of the property
  • public and private drainage plans
  • computer details about the property
  • summarised relevant residential rules from the District Plan
  • details of building permits and consent records
  • rates information
  • summarised encroachment details

The property report is prepared using limited computer record information only.

Copies of building permits and consents (which usually include floor plans) are not included with this report. To get a copy of this information use the building consent search.

Get a property report

1 - 2 household units on the property

Apply and pay online:

Apply online

Apply by email or in person: 

If you'd like a hard copy of the application form, fill out the application form below and either email it or bring it in to the Council in person.

To arrange payment, you can either phone the Council or include it with your application form.

Phone: (04) 801 4303

3 - 8 household units on the property:

Fill out the property application form above.

Online application form not presently available for this report.

9+ household units on the property:

Fill out the property report application form above and attach a current (no older than 3 months) Computer Freehold Register (Certificate of Title). To get a copy of the Computer Register (Certificate of Title), contact Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) or order one online:

Online application form not presently available for this report.

Land Title Services, LINZ (Land Information New Zealand)

Phone 0800 665 463


Property reports are charged per unit requested. For example, if you request a report on one unit in a building containing 100 units, it's one report at $241; if you want a report on two units in the building, it's two separate reports at $241 each.

Number of Household Units on the Property Fee Per Unit
1 - 2 $155.50
3 - 8 $227.00
9 and upwards $241.00

All fees include GST.

Processing time

A property report takes up to 3 working days to process, excluding public holidays and the period 25 December - 15 January.

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More information

Building Compliance and Consents – LIM team

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