Pay by Space

We’ve introduced about 3500 parking sensors in the metered parking spaces in the central city.

Pay by Space live in CBD

You can now Pay by Space throughout the Wellington central business district. The only exceptions are the Michael Fowler Centre car park, and Vivian Street which will be ready when the resurfacing has finished.

Watch our Parking Pay by Space video to see how easy it is to use. 

Map showing parking meter sensors.

What’s happening

We’ve installed a new Pay by Space parking sensor system. We’ve also installed a new keypad on the parking meters to make it easier to enter the space number.

We’ve attached parking space numbers and installed sensors in the ground for each parking space.

How to use

  1. Find a park. Your parking session starts as soon as your car stops in the space and activates the in-ground sensor.  
  2. Enter your parking space number in the parking meter.
  3. Choose your time and payment method.
  4. Pay and walk away - there's no need to display your receipt. 
  5. Using your parking receipt elsewhere in the city

    If you use PayMyPark or Phone2park, you will only pay for the time you use. However, if you have time remaining after paying at a parking meter and printing a receipt, you can park in another zone of equal or lesser value until your time has run out. Make sure you display the receipt when you move to a new park. 

    How to pay

    You can use all the current parking payment methods.

Pay by Space benefits

 This technology has many benefits for the community and businesses: 

  • You can ‘pay and walk away’ – you won’t need to return to your vehicle to display a receipt.
  • More payment options.
  • It increases carpark turnover, which benefits local businesses.
  • Development of tools to display real-time parking information to avoid congested parking areas.
  • It will give us insights on parking use in each area, which will help us plan public transport improvements.
  • It will reduce the impact of parking receipts being washed up in our waterways.

Parking permits

The parking permit process hasn’t changed. You still need to display a valid permit on your vehicle and parking officers will still need to check that there is a valid permit showing before issuing an infringement.

More information

Phone 04 499 4444
Location map.



Wellington City Council Service Centre - Parking Enquiries

Phone 04 801 3040
Postal Address PO Box 2199
Wellington 6140
Street Address Ground Floor, 101 Wakefield Street (Civic Square)
Monday – Friday

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