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The entrance to Clifton Car Park.
The entrance to Clifton Car Park

Clifton Car Park


Off The Terrace - maximum height: 1.95 metres. | View on Google Maps

Hours and fees

All day: $5 per hour or part thereof
Maximum daily charge: $20

Saturday−Sunday, public holidays
All day: $2 per hour or part thereof
Maximum daily charge: $8

Fees are charged per visit - if you leave the car park and return later that day, you will need to pay again.

Overnight parking
If you leave your car parked overnight you will be charged each day you are parked there. For example, if you park all day Wednesday, stay overnight and then leave late on the Thursday you could be charged a maximum of $20 for each day, or $8 if it's the weekend or a holiday.

Motorcycle/scooter parking
There is free parking for motorcycles and scooters on the first floor of the main building.

Maximum length of stay: 2 weekdays
Vehicles left in the car park for more than 2 weekdays in a row will be towed at the owner’s expense.

How to pay

  • Take a ticket when you enter and pay at a pay station before returning to your vehicle with cash, credit/debit card or EFTPOS or at an exit station with your credit/debit card.
  • Use your chip credit/debit card when you enter and the same card at the exit station when you leave.
  • With a stored value card, which can be bought for $10 from the car park office. These can be topped up at the pay stations or with an automatic credit card payment.

Reserved parking spaces and fees

Four areas in Clifton Car Park are set aside for reserved parking:

  • Kumutoto (17 spaces) (under the Boulcott and Everton overpasses, southernmost section): $270 per month (including GST)
  • Clifton South (109 spaces) (by Kumutoto Lane, central section): $300 per month (including GST)
  • Clifton Terrace (86 spaces) (on Rosina Fell Lane, northernmost section): $375 per month (including GST)
  • Clifton Covered Area (45 spaces) (nested area in the main building): $400 per month (including GST)

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Closed car parks

  • The Michael Fowler Centre car park is closed as the land is being used for a new temporary home for the Royal New Zealand Ballet.
  • The Civic Square car park is closed due to the Central Library being shut.

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