Install a solid fuel heater or fireplace

If you are installing a solid fuel heater (like a free-standing wood burner, in-built solid fire place or pellet burner) you need a minor works building consent.

Process for building consent approval

Get a building consent

Apply online

Or fill out an application for building consent (965KB PDF)

Check out the guide to completing the building consent application form (1.17MB PDF)

You must have a consent before you install, move or substantially replace a solid fuel heater to make sure that it is installed properly and is safe to use.

You can do some building work – such as replacing a stainless steel flue, flue outer liner, or any item that can be easily removed (like fire bricks, grates, seals or glass) – under Schedule 1 of the Building Act 2004, which does not require building consent approval.

All work must comply with the Building Code, whether it needs a building consent or not.

Install your solid fuel heater

Once you have your building consent, you can install your solid fuel heating appliance. However, before you use it, we need to inspect the appliance to ensure it’s safe for you to use.

Book an inspection

There are two types of inspections available. Type one is for free-standing wood burners, type two for inbuilt wood burners. Free-standing wood burners only need a final inspection. In-built wood burners need two; one before fitting the fire box and a final inspection.

Book an inspection

Code compliance certificate

When the final inspection is passed, you apply for a code compliance certificate. This certifies the installed appliance is safe to use and complies with the relevant standards and specifications.

Code compliance certificate

Other authorisations

Wood burners installed on properties under two hectares must comply with the National Environmental Standards for Air Quality under the Resource Management Act 1991. Before purchasing, we recommend you find out whether your appliance is an approved model. You can use the Ministry for the Environment's searchable list of authorised wood burners.

More information

A General Guide to the Building Consent Process (6MB PDF)

For more information on work exempt under Schedule 1 of the Building Act 2004, see Building work that does not require a building consent – Building Performance

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