Build a house

Below are Council consents, services and fees that you may need to know about as part of your project to build a house:

Property information

Perhaps you want to find out more information about a certain property?

The Council holds a lot of information about land and property. The table below outlines the different options the Council has for providing property information.

Option What it covers Time frame
Land Information Memorandum (LIM)
  • Any special feature of the land the Council knows about including the downhill movement, gradual sinking or wearing away of any land, the falling of rock or earth, flooding of any type and possible contamination or hazardous substances.
  • Information on private and public stormwater and sewerage drains held by the Council.
  • Rates information.
  • Any consents, notices, orders or requisitions affecting the land or buildings.
  • District Plan classifications that relate to the land or buildings.
  • Any other classifications on the land or buildings notified to the Council by network utility operators in relation to the Building Act 2004.
  • Any other information the Council considers relevant.
Issued within 10 working days
Property report
  • Aerial photograph of the property
  • Public and private drainage plan
  • Computer details about the property
  • Summarised relevant residential rules from the District Plan
  • Building permits and consents
  • Rates information
  • Summarised encroachment details
Issued within 3 working days
Building report
  • Aerial photograph of the property
  • Building consents
  • Status of building consents
  • Description of building work
Issued within 1 working day

You can request this information online:

Application for Property Information

For more information, contact the LIM team leader on 04 499 4444.

Project Information Memorandum

When you have an idea of what you want to build and have some initial plans, it is helpful to get a Project Information Memorandum (PIM).

A PIM will state whether or not your project needs resource consent, building consent and/or other approvals from the Council. It also advises what to take into account for the more detailed design, for example, wind speed or the location of drains on your property.

To find out more about PIMs, talk to a building consents customer service representative - phone (04) 801 4311 between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Fees Building Consent Fees
Time frame We will process your request within 20 working days.
More information Building Consent - Application Requirements

Council land

If you want to do any work on or affecting Council land, you will need to get permission first.

If you are not sure whether your land joins on to Council land and/or where the boundaries are, you may need to employ a surveyor or property lawyer to find this information.

The table below outlines a range of options available for the use of Council land.

If you want to: Phone (04) 499 4444 and ask for:
Buy Council land Property Projects team

Lease Council land

  • Legal road
  • Reserve land
  • Other land


  • Encroachments team
  • Property Management team
  • Property Management team
Install services through Council land Property Projects team
Close the road temporarily Roading team
Establish access through Council land Property Projects team
Remove vegetation on Council land Customer Liaison Officer, Trees team

Resource consent

If your project does not comply with the rules of the District Plan, you will need to apply for resource consent.

To find out if your project complies:

  • engage a professional to help you - this could be a planning consultant, architect or draughtsman
  • talk to a Council planning technician - phone 04 801 3590 between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.
Fees Resource consents fees
Time frame

We will process a straightforward consent within 20 working days.

This time frame may be affected if:

  • the project is complex
  • other parties are affected by the proposal
  • the application does not include the right information.
More information

Development contributions

When new development occurs in a city, it has an impact on the existing infrastructure. Development contributions make sure existing ratepayers are not burdened with the costs of the increasing infrastructure that results from new development.

You will need to pay development contributions if your project involves the creation of:

  • a new household unit (eg house, granny flat, self-contained unit, subdivided section)
  • new non-residential space.

An assessment will be made when the following are granted:

  • resource consent (fee simple subdivision only)
  • building consent
  • service connection.

Development Contributions Policy

Alternatively, phone the Development Contributions Assessment Officer on 04 801 3282. (This is a part-time role so you may need to leave a message.)

Time frames Your development contribution will be assessed at the same time as your resource consent or building consent.
More information Development Contributions

Building consent

All building works must comply with the Building Act to make sure that they are built safely and to an appropriate standard.

To find out whether your project will require building consent:

Fees Building Consent Fees
Time frame

We process building consents within 20 working days.

This time frame may be affected if the application:

  • is incomplete
  • does not include all the right information.
More information Building Consent - Guidelines

Vehicle access approval

Perhaps you want to do work on new or existing kerb crossings or driveways on road land? If so, you will need vehicle access approval.

When applying for this approval, you will need to provide a range of information including gradients, camber, widths and surfacing.

Vehicle Access Application Form (80KB PDF)

For more information or help with the application:

  • talk to one of our vehicle access engineers - phone 04 499 4444 between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday
  • engage a professional to help you - this can be a draughtsman, architect or engineer.
Fees Building Consent Fees
Time frame

If your application is submitted as part of a building consent, we will assess vehicle access at the same time.

If your application is made separately, we aim to process it within 20 working days.

More information Building Consents