This page shows the current fees schedule for resource consents and associated services. Owners of listed heritage items or items in listed heritage areas are eligible for a fee reimbursement.

There is a fee for processing applications for resource consents, and an initial payment must be paid with your application.

All fees include GST and are payable under either the Resource Management Act 1991, Sale of Liquor Act 1989 or the Local Government Act 2002. Fees are not refundable if your application is declined or withdrawn. Additional charges may apply (see below).

Application fees cover the cost of processing your application only. After you start building there are charges to cover the Council's monitoring costs, such as site visits, research, photos, communications and administration.

Pay a property fee

Resource consent fees

The charges listed here show the initial fees for resource consent and other approvals. Any additional hours will be charged at the hourly rates below.

Service Charge
Pre-application meetings: this will instead be invoiced as an additional charge on a per hour basis for the time spent by the Council officer/s involved.
Non-notified consent: land use $1650
Non-notified consent: subdivision $2000
Non-notified consent: subdivision and land use $2700
Limited notified consent: subdivision and/or land use $8400
Fully notified consent: subdivision and/or land use $16,000

All other approvals including:

  • Outline plan approval
  • Certificate of compliance
  • Existing use certificates
  • Extension of time (s125)
  • Change or cancellation of conditions (s127)
  • Consents notices (s221)
  • Amalgamations (s241)
  • Easements (s243), right of way or similar
Outline plan waiver
Certificates: Town Planning, Sale of Liquor, Overseas Investments, LMVD - up to 2 hrs planner / advisor, 1 hr admin $385
Premium consent - non-notified consents only - issued within 10 working days (conditions apply, applications will be accepted on a case-by-case basis) 2 x normal fee
Premium consent - non-notified consents only - issued within 5 working days (conditions apply, applications will be accepted on a case-by-case basis) 3 x normal fee
Boundary activity $465
Marginal or temporary activities (fixed fee)

Additional charges

Service Charge

Additional hours (per hour):

  • All pre-application meetings and consents: additional processing hours ('per hr) planner / advisor / compliance officer
  • All consents: additional processing hours (per hr) administrative officer



Cost of all disbursements ie venue hire, photocopying, catering, postage, public notification variable based on actual cost

Councillor costs per hour for any hearing:

  • Chairperson


Other $70
Specialist consultant report (including consultant planners) variable based on actual cost
Independent Commissioners variable based on actual cost

Bylaw application

Service Charge
Applications relating to signs (eg commercial sex premises) - up to 6 hrs $900

Compliance monitoring

Service Charge
Monitoring administration of Resource Consents: subdivision or land use - minimum of 1 hr, then based on actual time over and above that $155
Cost of disbursements eg materials, consultant investigations variable based on actual cost

Additional hours (per hr):

  • planner / expert / compliance officer

  • administrative officer

Subdivision certification

This table shows the cost of work for the number of hours indicated. Extra work will be charged per hour.

Service Charge

Certification for s224(c):

  • up to 6 hrs


Certification for s223, s224(f), s226 etc:

  • up to 2 hrs

  • combination of 2 or more - up to 6 hrs
All other RMA, Building Act, Unit Titles Act and LGA certificates, sealing, transfer documents etc - up to 2 hrs (disbursements, eg photocopying will be charged separately) $310
Bonds: preparation and/or release - up to 2 hrs $310

Additional hours (per hour)

  • Planner/expert/compliance staff

  • Administrative officer

Terms and late payment

Initial and additional fees

Fees must be paid before applications are processed. Further charges will be invoiced if additional time is spent processing requests and/or disbursements.

We only charge for amounts over $65. Likewise, refunds will only be made for unused amounts over $65.

Terms of payment

Payment of additional fees is due by the 20th of the month following invoice processing.

Late payment will incur:

  • an additional administrative fee (lesser of 10% of the overdue amount or $300)
  • all costs and expenses (including debt collection or legal fees) associated with recovery of the overdue amount
  • daily interest (rate of 15% pa) from the date of default.

Heritage resource consent fee reimbursement

The Council may reimburse resource consent fees to owners of listed heritage items or items in listed heritage areas.

For more details on eligibility and assessment criteria see Heritage resource consent fee imbursement.