All resource consent fees

The full list of resource consent fees and when they apply.

Resource consent application fees

The fees you pay for a resource consent application depend on the type and scope of the work you're proposing. To work out how much your application might cost, you may first need to talk to a professional and prepare your initial plans.

How resource consent fees work

All fees include GST.

Initial application fee

Item Fee
Non-notified consent: land use $2,776.50
Non-notified consent: subdivision $3,364.00
Non-notified consent: subdivision and land use $4,541.50
Limited notified consent: subdivision and/or land use $14,129.00
Publicly notified consent: subdivision and/or land use $26,910.00
Boundary activity $782.50
Marginal or temporary activities (fixed fee) $522.50
Change or cancellation of resource consent conditions (s127 RMA) $1,750.00
Certificate of compliance (s139A RMA) $1,750.00
Existing use certificate (s10 RMA) $1,750.00
Extension of time (s125 RMA) $1,750.00
Change or cancellation of consent notices (s221 RMA) $1,750.00
Initial application fee - s226 $1,043.50
Amalgamation (s241 RMA) $1,750.00
Creation of a right of way easement (s243 RMA or s348 LGA) or similar $1,750.00
Outline plan of works (s176A RMA) $1,750.00
Outline plan of works waiver (s176A(2)(c) RMA) $505.00

Certificates for businesses

Item Fee
For up to 0.5 hours for a planner or an advisor, and 1.5 hour admin:
- Town Planning
- Sale of Liquor
- Overseas Investments

Compliance monitoring fees

Item Fee
Monitoring compliance with conditions of a resource consent: subdivision or land use – minimum of 1 hour, then per hour thereafter $261.50
Monitoring administration, per hour administrative officer $152.50
Cost of disbursements – for example, materials, consultant investigations Based on actual cost

Subdivision certificates

You'll need to obtain certificates that confirm your survey plan has been approved and meets the conditions of your consent.

Item Fee
Certification for s224(c) – up to 6 hours $1,514.00
Certification for s223, s224(f), s226 – up to 2 hours $522.50
Combination of 2 or more certificates – up to 6 hours $1,211.00
All other Resource Management Act (RMA), Building Act, Unit Titles Act and LGA certificates, sealing and transferring documents – up to 2 hours
Disbursements – for example, photocopying, postage – will be charged separately
Preparation and/or release of bonds – up to 2 hours $522.50

Applications relating to signs

Item Fee
Assessment of bylaw applications for signs (for example, commercial sex premises) – up to 6 hours $1,514.00

Other fees that may apply

You may also need to pay some or all of the following charges, depending on the project.

Administration, disbursements and pre-application meetings

Item Fee
All pre-application meetings: planner and advisors $261.50 per hour per officer
All consents: planner and advisors $261.50 per hour per officer
All consents: administrative officer $152.50 per hour
Cost of all disbursements – for example, venue hire, photocopying, catering, postage, public notification Based on actual cost
External resource / specialist consultants (including consultant planners) Based on actual cost
Independent Commissioners Based on actual cost

Premium applications – by request

For some non-notified consents, you may be able to pay extra to have your consent processed faster. These are called premium applications, and they're accepted on a case-by-case basis. Email to find out if your project is eligible.

Item Fee
Non-notified consents issued within 10 working days 2 x the total processing fees incurred
Non-notified consents issued within 5 working days 3 x the total processing fees incurred

Development contributions

You may need to pay development contributions of you're doing a subdivision, or building a new dwelling or commercial space.

These fees are assessed after the application is lodged.

Development contributions