Events and fundraising

If you are an event organiser, market operator or food stall vendor, you need to understand what the requirements are for food stall operators.

Sausage sizzle.

Event organisers

An event organiser is responsible for making sure that all food vendors at the event have a food stall health registration or understand what the requirements are around selling safe food. 

Please read the food safety information on our Food stalls page.

Before the event

As the event organiser, you need to give the Council a list of food stall holders. Your stall holders need to fill out the Food Stalls form (53KB PDF)

You also need to provide some, or all, of the following equipment:  

  • marquees, tents and gazebos
  • hand-washing facilities
  • toilet facilities (the location of the nearest public facilities if available for use)
  • refrigeration storage for the food (in addition to any drinks storage)
  • possible contingency plans in case the power supply on the day is inadequate, e.g. gas-power, generator etc
  • rubbish disposal arrangements.

During the event

If you are a stallholder, follow the guidance on our Food stalls page.

An environmental health officer will usually be on hand to inspect and give advice, to make sure that food being sold to the public meets required standards. Under the Food Act 2014, all sellers of food are required to provide safe and suitable food. 

Fundraising events

Selling food is a great way to raise money and share cultural experiences. Food stalls that sell food to raise money for charity are exempt from health registration under the Food Act 2014 as long as they do not operate more than 20 times a year.

Sausage sizzles

Before the event:

  • buy sausages from a reliable source, as close to the event as possible. Sausages must be fresh, good quality, and ideally pre-cooked.
  • store them in a clean fridge 
  • before the event, do all preparation, including chopping onions and buttering bread
  • transport and store the sausages in chilly bins with suitable ice packs. Do not leave large quantities of sausages in chilly bins for long periods. Use a fridge as back up where possible
  • protect all food from contamination by dust, animals, insects and people. Always keep food in clean covered containers.

During the event:

  • clearly display the name of the organisation running the sausage sizzle
  • have at least two people, preferably three, running the stall. One person should only handle money and the others prepare the food
  • food handlers must wear clean clothing, an apron, and hair must be tied back or wear a cap
  • wash hands and replace gloves often
  • do not prepare any other meat, including chicken
  • use suitable utensils, such as tongs, for handling food. Use different tongs for cooked and uncooked food. Do not touch food.
  • cook the sausages properly, so they are hot in the centre
  • serve food on single-serve serviettes or paper plates.

School fairs

School fairs usually have a number of food stalls ranging from registered trucks and stalls, to parents making food at home for the day. The following information is required from all stallholders attending the fair and covers what the Council needs to know regarding food safety Food Stalls form (53KB PDF)

Giving food away

Food that is donated needs to be safe for human consumption. In certain circumstances food that is donated or given away could be considered as food for sale and provisions of the Food Act 2014 would apply for such foods. Take particular care when donating foods that require temperature control and/or have a use-by date.

More information

If you are planning a school fair or want more information, contact an environmental health officer.

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