Re-register your dog

Dogs must be re-registered at Wellington City Council by 1 July every year.

How to re-register a dog

You can pay for your re-registration fees right now - you just need your Web Reference, which is printed on the 'Application to re-register a dog' notice we've sent you.

Can't find your reference or pay your fees? Email us at with your details and we'll get in touch with you within two business days.

How to re-register a dog

Enter your Web Reference

Sorry, we don't recognise that Web Reference - please try entering it again, making sure you have not added any empty spaces. If you still have problems, please phone us on 04 801 3222.

This can be found on the 'Application to re-register a dog' notice sent to you earlier. Can’t find your reference? Use the link below to find it or email us at with your details and we’ll send it to you.

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When to re-register your dog

If you have already registered your dog with Wellington City Council, you will receive a re-registration application form in May.
If you haven't received this by mid June, email

Re-registration invoices

When you receive your re-registration form and invoice in the mail, carefully check all details. 

If you’re paying by credit card online, you’ll be able to tell us about changes to your address or email.

If you’re paying another way, or you have lots of changes to tell us about, note the changes on the form and send it to us at or post to Dogs, Wellington City Council, PO Box 2199, Wellington 6142.


For current fees, see: Registration - Fees
If there are any changes in your dog’s status that affect the fees you need to pay, contact us on 04 801 3222 or email

Pay on time to avoid a penalty fee

Dog registration fees are due on 1 July each year. You will be charged a late payment if you pay after 31 July. The late payment fee is 50% of the fee charged - so you can save a lot by paying on time.

How to pay

Pay online

You can pay online using your credit or debit card. You will need the web reference for each dog, which you can find on the top-left of your reg-registration application form. When you’ve entered your web reference, you’ll be asked to check your address(es). On the next screen, you’ll see your dog’s name and how much you need to pay and can then pay. 

If you have any questions about the amount to pay, please email

Don't want to pay online? 

No worries. You can find instructions for other payment options on the back of the re-registration application form.

New dog tags

You will receive a new dog tag once your fees have been paid and we have received your signed form, or confirmation that there are no changes to your dog's details. 

If you re-register your dog at the Council's Service Centre or at Moa Point, we can give you the new dog tag on the spot at the counter.

If you pay for your dog’s re-registration at a Post Shop or online, or post the re-registration form and your payment to the Council, you can expect to receive the new dog tag within three weeks.

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More information

Dog Enquiries
Wellington City Council

Phone 04 801 3222 Dog enquiry line
04 499 4444 (urgent after-hours queries)
Postal Address PO Box 2199
Wellington 6140
Street Address Service Centre
12 Manners Street