Exhibition opportunities

There are opportunities to exhibit artwork at Toi Pōneke Gallery and the Courtenay Place light boxes.

Live performance exhibition at Toi Poneke Arts Centre.

Toi Pōneke Gallery

Toi Pōneke exhibits work by solo artists, groups and curators, with priority given to Wellington-based artists. It supports emerging contemporary artists and curators, as well as more established artists. Community and recreational artists with high standards of technical ability and presentation are also considered.

Submit a proposal

Each year there are two opportunities to submit an exhibition proposal. Applications are selected by the Toi Pōneke Exhibition Panel  – for more details see our gallery page on the Toi Pōneke website

Email proposals to artscentre@wcc.govt.nz

Proposing an Exhibition at Toi Pōneke Gallery (244KB PDF)
Tips for writing exhibition and funding proposals (43KB PDF)

Courtenay Place Park light boxes

City Arts and Events seeks proposals for the Courtenay Place Park light boxes from curators and artists once a year.

For more information: Courtenay Place Park light boxes.

Exhibition space at the library

There's an exhibition space available for hire at the Central Library:

Exhibition Area - Wellington Central Library

Using empty retail or commercial spaces

Occasionally, there are vacant retail or commercial spaces which people in the creative industries can use to exhibit their work or put on a show.  For more information, see:

The Urban Dream Brokerage

More information

Meredith Robertshawe, Senior Arts Advisor

Phone 04 803 8207
Email meredith.robertshawe@wcc.govt.nz