Commemorative memorials

Commemorative memorials can help you celebrate the lasting legacy of deaths, births and special events. Memorials can also help with the revegetation and enhancement of our parks and reserves throughout the city.

A commemorative bench seat overlooking native bush.

Commemorative memorials in the city's parks, reserves and streets have to be well placed and complement the surrounding environment.

Cemetery memorials

To organise a memorial or plaque in a Council cemetery, see:

Cemetery memorials

Commemorative seats

You can apply to donate a commemorative seat with a plaque.

To meet Council policy, the design specifications and location of furniture is at the discretion of the Council's Parks, Sports & Recreation or Transport & Waste teams.

The seat will be maintained by the Council, including replacement when necessary. The plaque remains the responsibility of the sponsor.


Consider spaces in parks and reserves, around play areas and some sportsfields, along walking tracks, or existing seats with no plaques.

There are several areas that are either full or not suitable for commemorative seats, others have limited spaces available.

Areas not available for commemorative seats include: Botanic Gardens, Charles Plimmer Park, Leonie Gill pathway, Midland Park, Mount Kau Kau, Mount Victoria lookout, Pukeahu Memorial Park, Wellington Waterfront, the South Coast.

See parks & reserves

Type of seats

The seat design depends on the location - it will need to match existing furniture used in the area.

In remote areas a bench seat may be needed, and in some areas it may be possible to choose a picnic table.


Seat plaques are generally 80x250mm and have 15 – 25 words.

Plaques may be added to existing seats at the discretion of the Council.


The cost for a standard seat and plaque in a park or reserve will usually be $2000, although it can vary – for example it may be more in a remote location.

The range of costs for other locations is $2000 - $4000. For example, Oriental Parade is $2760.

The cost includes the seat, plaque, installation and future maintenance of the seat.

Apply for a seat

If you are interested in applying for a commemorative seat, contact the Council and we will be get in touch with you to discuss your requirements.

Phone: 04 499 4444

Commemorative trees

Wellington City Council has commemorative trees available that can be planted to remember a departed loved one, celebrate a birth, anniversary or special event, honour someone or express appreciation.

Trees cost $280. This pays for the tree, its planting and initial care, and assists with maintenance over its lifetime. We don’t allow individual plaques for the planted trees.

There are three sites in the city where commemorative trees can be planted: Victory Gardens on Mt Victoria, Willowbank Park in Tawa and Makara Cemetery.

We expect that in most cases applicants and their family and friends will want to plant, or help plant the tree. Dates will be discussed when staff will be present to plant or assist. These planting days will be in winter to ensure the trees get off to a good start.

If you want to bury a placenta, or bury ashes during the tree planting, this can be organised but must be discussed with Council Parks, Sports & Recreation staff at an early stage. This is possible at two sites, Makara Cemetery and Willowbank Park in Tawa.

Commemorative trees which die or are vandalised within two years of the planting date will be replaced at no cost to the applicant.

Site and tree selection 

Trees available at Victory Gardens (Mt Victoria), Makara Cemetery, and Willowbank Park (Tawa) are as follows:

  • Sophora microphylla- kowhai
  • Podocarpus totara – totara

Apply for a tree

To apply for a tree, please complete this form. Applications submitted after August 31 will be processed for the following year.

Apply online

More information

Manager Berhampore Nursery

Phone: (04) 389 9729

Sculpture and other artwork

Sculptures and other commemorative artwork are managed under the Council's Public Art Policy. Page 7 of the policy gives guidelines for getting, commissioning or accepting gifts of public art.

Public Art Policy