Apply for a parklet

Parklets are parking-space sized mini parks or outdoor dining areas that are constructed in on-street carparks.

Applications paused

We are currently not processing any parklet applications as the parklet programme is under review.

An outdoor dining area in a carpark with tables, chairs and shade.
An example of an outdoor dining parklet

What are parklets

Parklets can transform parking spaces into vibrant public spaces built for people to sit, relax, and enjoy the city. Parklets are best where the street lacks public space, or the footpaths are too narrow to provide outdoor dining spaces.

All parklets are smokefree.

Benefits of a parklet

Parklets can:

  • improve the street experience
  • be good for businesses because they bring more life to the street
  • provide more space to socialise
  • slow traffic and make the street safer
  • help give an area its own special feel and identity
  • be low cost and simple to construct
  • provide more outdoor space for businesses and their customers to safely spend time during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Please note: The Council’s Pandemic Response Plan fee changes between March 2022 to September 2023 has ended.

All fees include GST.

Item Fee
To apply for a new permit $236.00
To renew an existing permit 
(parklet permits must be renewed every year)

As a business, you need to pay for construction, installation and maintenance of your parklet.

Apply for a parklet

We are currently not processing any parklet applications as the parklet programme is under review.

1. Complete a site self-assessment

The site self-assessment helps you identify if the car park space you’re interested in is suitable for a parklet. 

Download site self-assessment checklist (31.9KB PDF)

2. Photos and designs to supply

With your application you’ll need to provide:

  • A site aerial map - At least one aerial photo or site plan of your site, highlighting the parking spaces you would like to use, and identifying any utilities or services that are on the proposed site.
  • Site context photos - Two or more site photos of the parking  spaces you would like to use. These photos should be taken from multiple angles and include any street features, furniture, utilities and show what is surrounding your chosen parking spaces.
  • Parklet design plan - A to-scale detail plan of what your parklet  will include and street elements such as kerb, street signs, utilities and fixed furniture. The plans need to be accurately dimensioned (preferably drawn by an architectural designer) and have all the street furniture and services shown clearly. Provision of elevations and cross sections is strongly recommended.

After you apply

We’ll let you know within 7 to 10 days if your application is approved.

In that time, we’ll make sure your design is going to be safe and work in the location you’ve identified. We’ll let you know if any changes are required.

Once approved, our Public Health team will issue the permit for your parklet.

Alcohol licence

If you want to serve alcohol in the parklet, you need to already have an alcohol licence for your business, and apply for a variation once a permit for the parklet has been approved. There is a fee for this.

Apply for a variation to the conditions of your alcohol licence

For more information

If you want to know more about parklets or the application process, contact