Liquid waste transportation

Liquid waste from grease traps, septic tanks and trade waste needs to be carefully collected and handled to prevent environmental pollution.

Wellington City Council regulates the collection and transportation of liquid waste to prevent illegal dumping at unauthorised sites.

Getting your waste collected

You can contact these licensed companies to collect and transport liquid waste in Wellington:

If your business is producing liquid waste in larger than domestic quantities, you may need a trade waste consent. Check the information on trade waste consents:

Tips and trade waste consents

Applying for a licence to transport or collect waste

The Council issues licences for companies collecting and transporting liquid waste.

To get a licence, you:

  • will be audited by the Council who will check that the waste you pick up is disposed of correctly
  • should comply with the WasteMINZ Liquid and Hazardous Wastes Code of Practice.

For more information about the Liquid and Hazardous Wastes Code of Practice, visit the New Zealand Trade and Industrial Waters Forum website.

To apply for a licence, call the Council and ask to speak to the Trade Waste Officer.

The Officer will arrange a time to check your control systems including waste types, mixing, volume and disposal to approved sites. 

Trade waste fees

More information

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