Trade waste fees

List of different kinds of trade waste consent and licence fees, and of flow-based charges.

Trade waste consent fees

You'll need a trade waste consent if you discharge oil, grease or other liquid waste in larger than domestic quantities into the Council sewer.

Trade waste consent fees are set by Wellington City Council under the Trade Waste Bylaw and are renewed annually.

All fees include GST.

Item Fee
Application fee $202.00
Annual consent fee - High risk $2,421.50
Annual consent fee - Medium risk $1,211.00
Annual consent fee - Low risk $426.00
Annual consent fee - Low risk (where a restaurant's grease trap is discharging more than 500g/m³ of BOD or suspended solids and/or more than 100g/m³ animal oil, fat and grease) $426.00
Annual consent fee - Minimal risk $175.00
Grease and Grit Traps - Initial application fee $242.50
Grease traps $175.00
Shared grease trap (per premises) $90.00
Grease converter $426.00
Grit traps $175.00
Charge after first hour (per hour) $173.00
Monitoring (laboratory) charges varies

Additional costs might include:

  • any initial investigative test costs
  • any initial costs if a pre-treatment system is needed
  • ongoing costs for liquid waste analysis.

Trade waste licence fees

You'll need a trade waste licence if you collect and transport trade waste.

The Council sets collection and transportation licence fees under the Collection and Transportation of Waste bylaw. Fees are renewed annually.

All fees include GST.

Service Charge
Application fee $204.00
Charge after first hour (per hour) $173.00
Annual licence fee $242.50
Any laboratory expenses varies

Sewage collection and disposal network fees

Listed below are our fees for sewage collection and disposal network.

All fees include GST.

Conveyance and transport of trade waste Charge
Up to 100m3/day $0.44 per m3
Above 100m3/day and below 7,000m3/day $0.20 per m3
Above 7,000m3/day$ $1.35 per m3
BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand)
Up to 3,150kg/day $0.46 per m3
Above 3,150kg/day $1.01 per m3
Suspended solids
Up to 1,575kg/day $0.45 per m3
Above 1,575kg/day $0.81 per m3

Flow-based charges

The Council has introduced a charging system for the amount and concentration of trade waste discharged into the sewer system. These charges are for flow, BOD and suspended solids. (BOD stands for biological oxygen demand - a measure of the level of organic matter in the waste, measured in kilograms.)

Refer to the Trade Waste Charges Policy for more information:

Trade Waste Charges Policy