Recreation leases and licences

The Council holds a number of leases and licences with community and recreation groups on parks and reserves.

Recreation leases include:

  • community gardens
  • sport clubrooms
  • community halls.

Leases and licences are managed following the Leases Policy for Community and Recreation Groups (“Leases Policy”).

How to register your interest for a space

When a leased space is vacant, we will call for expressions of interest. Interested parties must be incorporated societies or charitable trusts delivering community or recreation activities.

If your organisation is interested in a lease or licence, please register your interest using the form below:

Register your interest

We will contact you when a space is vacant to invite you to submit an application. Information required in an application will include:

  • membership and/or participation
  • community and recreation activities
  • financial reporting
  • club constitution or rules.

A successful applicant will meet the requirements of the Leases Policy set out in section 7. Please note that vacant leased spaces arise infrequently, and officers may suggest suitable existing lessees to share a space.

Information for current lessees

Your lease or licence document sets out your obligations and responsibilities, including:

  • rent and/or maintenance fee
  • tenure
  • maintenance
  • insurance.

If you don’t have a copy of your lease to hand, please contact Community Recreation Lease Advisors at and we will send a scanned copy through to you.

Landowner approval

From time to time you may want to make improvements to your leased area, for example:

  • upgrading your building
  • installing signs
  • adding new buildings or structures.

It’s important to remember that you may need consent from Council in two capacities, being:

  • consent from Council in their capacity as landowner (“landowner approval”)
  • consent from Council in their regulatory capacity (e.g. resource or building consent, if relevant) – you’ll need to provide a copy of the Code of Compliance Certificate to your Lease Advisor once the work is complete.

To get landowner approval, you will need to fill out the form below setting out the reason for the works and outlining the impact of the works on the reserve.

Apply for landowner approval

Health and safety

Under your lease you are required to have a health and safety plan to protect your members and the general public from unnecessary risk on your leased area. If you need support to create a health and safety plan, we can provide you with a template – please contact us on the details below.

Report a problem

Use our online form or app to report a problem. Remember that if your club owns the building (ground lease), you are responsible for maintenance and graffiti removal on your leased area. This is usually the footprint of your building.

Contact us

Please call our Contact Centre 04 499 4444 and ask to speak to a Community Recreation Leases Advisor, or email