Preschool programmes

Classes for preschoolers at ASB Sports Centre include Active Play, Boppers and Hoppers and Tumbling Tots.


To find out more or book a class at ASB Sports Centre, email or phone 04 830 0500.

Gym Jam

A safe and friendly environment filled with soft play equipment and an inflatable for your pre-schooler to explore. Each session encourages children to balance, build and play with the equipment provided. There's no need to book, just turn up on the day. Sessions are held on the court, or in the Matairangi room.

Cost: $4.50 casual entry or $3.20 with LC.

Gym Jam during term time

Active Play
Days Time Location
1−5 year-olds Monday, Thursday 9.30am−11.30am Matairangi room / court
1−10 year-olds Sunday 9.30am−11.30am Court

Boppers and Hoppers

Boppers and Hoppers is a music and movement class. Children are encouraged to sing and dance along, as well as play with musical instruments. The equipment is set up in a circuit, and children are encouraged to explore the circuit at their own pace and ability. This class is suited to 1-2 year olds, or confident walkers.

Boppers and Hoppers Days Time Dates
1–2 year olds
Wednesday 9.30am–10.15am
During term time

Cost: $9.50 casual class, $75 for 10 trip concession pass.

Tumbling Tots

The next step up from Bopper and Hoppers, Tumbling Tots is an engaging class that aims to develop your child’s physical skills, such as running, climbing, rotation and balancing. It encourages cooperation and interaction with other children. The set-up offers challenges for all abilities and increases in difficulty throughout the term.

The Tumbling Tots programme also offers group sessions for play centres, play groups and kindergartens.

Tumbling Tots Days Time Dates
2–4 year-olds
Wednesday 10.30am–11.15am During term time

Cost: $7.50 per class if enrolling for full term or $9.50 if paying casual.

Contact and address

ASB Sports Centre

Phone: 04 830 0500


Street address: 72 Kemp Street, Kilbirnie