Holiday programme terms and conditions

Please notify the facility by phone on the day if your child is going to be late, or will not be attending.

Please notify the facility by phone prior to the day booked or on the morning of day booked by 8.30am if your child is going to be late or will not be attending. 

1. Late pick-ups

If a child is not picked up within 5 minutes of the conclusion of the days programme, a $5 late fee will be incurred. Anything after 15 minutes will incur a $14 aftercare fee (total). This applies to the programme days conclusion of 3.30pm or aftercare conclusion of 5.30pm. 

You can update your contact details yourself on your Enrolmy account, or emailing

2. Care after holiday programme activities

After care (all facilities)

Children must be collected by 3.30pm if they are not registered for after care or extra fees will be charged. All children in after care must be collected by 5.30pm. Late pick up fees may be incurred – refer to Section 1. Children enrolled in after care need to bring extra food for the longer days activities. 

(i). I understand if my child or children are booked into aftercare only and do not attend, no credit or refund will be given. Refer to section 8.  

3. Caregivers agree to these terms by enrolling their child

3.a) The Council offers school holiday programmes between the hours of 8:30am and 3:30pm on weekdays (8.00am at Ākau Tangi). However, some of our holiday programmes offer after care at extra cost.

3.b) The caregiver has enrolled their child or children in a programme as specified in Enrolmy, and agrees to the terms and conditions set out below.

4. What are the payment terms?

All programme fees must be paid in full at time of booking. The Council may cancel a booking if payment is not received on, or before, the due date. 

5. What happens if I want to transfer or withdraw my child?

5.a) Where a parent/caregiver wishes to withdraw a child from the programme, requests must be provided to the Facility Manager as follows:  

(i) Notification given with 10 working days but within 2 working days of the *commencement of the programme -the programme fee (full day, before care and aftercare as applicable), less the $8 administration fee (per day) will be credited to the parent/caregivers Enrolmy account.  

(ii) If notification is less than two working days of the *commencement of the programme, no refund, account credit or make up day will apply.  

*Commencement of the programme means the first day of the programme regardless of your childs first day of attending.

6. What happens if I want to transfer my child to another day or to another Recreation Centre programme?

Transfers can only be made where another programme has availability and during the same school holiday period.

The programme fee and no administration fee applies for a transfer.  

7. What happens if my child is sick or absent?

Where a child is unable to attend the programme, the parent/caregiver will notify the facility by phone prior to the day booked or on the morning of the day booked by 8:30 am.

If parent/caregivers have concerns that a child may be unwell, this information must be shared with Council staff on arrival.
Any unwell child will not be accepted on the programme at the discretion of the Facility Manager. The parent/caregiver will be requested to take the child home. 
To help prevent other children getting ill, please stay away from any holiday programme for at least 48 hours after any symptoms of a contagious illness. 

7.a) One day illness cancellation: if a child is unable to attend a day of the programme due to illness, the Council will issue an account credit in Enrolmy equivalent to one programme fee (full day, before care and aftercare as applicable), less the $8 administration fee. 

7.b) Multiple day illness cancellations: In the instance that a child will miss two or more days due to illness each day of the programme fee (full day, before care and aftercare as applicable), less the $8 administration fee (per day) will be credited to the parent/caregivers Enrolmy account.. No refunds or account credits will be given due to illness unless a medical certificate is presented. 

Note: Medical certificates need to be presented within 5 working days of the non-attendance. 

7.c) Bereavement cancellation: refunds and account credits may be given by the facility manager at his or her discretion in the event of bereavement.

7.d) The facility manager reserves the right to cancel or postpone or vary the programme at their discretion. 

8. Refunds

Refunds are only given if:
A child moves outside of the Wellington area,
A child reaches the maximum age to attend the programme  
If a medical certificate is supplied relating to section 7a and 7b.
If a child sustains an injury or **illness which prevents them from continuing to participate in the programme
Whereby WCC cancels or postpones the programme for any unforeseen extraordinary circumstance. 
Any Government Covid related restrictions are applied

** Refer to section 7 points 7.a and 7.b

Credits and refunds are made at the discretion of the Facility Manager. 

9. What is expected of my child attending the programme?

9.a) Children are expected to follow all instructions from Council staff in preparation for and taking part in programme and visiting the facility. Council may exclude children who continually behave in a manner which is disruptive or unsafe or refuse to follow instructions from Council staff. 

9.b) Children are to stay within the facility premises at all times. 

10. What health and safety rules apply?

10.a) All holiday programmes are OSCAR accredited, with the exception of the Ākau Tangi Sports Centre Sporting Skills and Break Out programmes.

10.b) Transportation methods vary, including public transportation, private taxi charters, and private coach hires and walking. By accepting these terms & conditions you agree to the transportation methods by the programme provider. 

10.c) Parent/caregivers must provide adequate food and a water bottle for their child. Children will not be permitted to leave the programme to buy food during the day. 

10.d) Appropriate footwear and clothing suitable for the weather on the day are to be worn. 

10.e) Council staff will take all reasonable steps to ensure the health and safety of children while they participate in all Wellington City Council holiday programmes. Staff will manage all injuries in accordance with our Policies and Procedures.  

10.f) Only suitable movies rated G or PG (Parent/caregiver guidance recommended) may be shown to children. All PG movies will be previewed and approved by a staff member.  
Note: The exception to this guideline for the Break Out programme at the Ākau Tangi Sports Centre. 

10.g) In conjunction with the Council, the parent/caregiver shall take reasonably practicable steps to ensure the risks to health and safety of people are eliminated, or if not possible, minimised as required by the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. The Council will communicate any hazards and risks known to be associated with the facility prior to the programme commencing. 

10.h) Children are required to wear or bring sunscreen and a hat every day to wear outside. Staff will make sunscreen available to children before every outing. Assistance with providing and applying will be in accordance of our self-care policy. 

10.i) Council staff will ensure that all children are provided with a health and safety briefing at the commencement of the programme. 

10.j) All children must comply with any notice or direction given by Council staff relating to the control, safe use, security and protection of the facility. 

10.k) Parent/caregivers must ensure that any medical conditions or allergies are disclosed on Enrolmy, and that adequate arrangements are in place to manage these. 

10.l) All Council sites are vape and smoke free areas. 

10.m) If requested by staff, parent/guardian to provide photo identification when signing out child. 

11. Emergencies

11.a) In case of an emergency at the venue your child is attending, staff will follow specific policy and procedures guidelines. These are available upon request. 

11.b) To ensure we are able to contact a parent/caregiver please provide one main contact and two additional emergency contacts in Enrolmy. 

11.c) Ākau Tangi Sports Centre Only: For older children attending Ākau Tangi Sports Centre Breakout programme please also supply staff with their personal mobile phone number.

12. Medication

12.a) To dispense medicine to a child the medicine must be directly supplied by the parent/guardian and handed to Council staff upon arrival. 

12.b) The parent/caregiver must complete a medical consent form provided by the facility, giving permission for Council staff to dispense medicine to the child. 

12.c) In the instance a participant has an inhaler the parent/caregiver can choose to have the participant or supervisor responsible for the inhaler. Refer to 12.b

13. General

13.a) Toys should be left at home unless a request has been made for particular items to be brought along. 

13.b) Mobile phones should be left at home where possible. If a device needs to be bought to the programme, all devices are to be handed into reception and will be returned at the end of the day. All contact is to be made with the centre and not personally to a child’s mobile phone. Break Out programme is an exception to this clause.

13.c) Copies of policies & procedures will be available at all venues for parents to view. 

13.d) Wellington City Council (the Council) and the Facility Manager reserve the right to vary these terms and conditions or to impose further conditions at any time.

13.e) You acknowledge that Wellington City Council may review and increase fees through review of the Annual Plan or Long Term Plan.

13.f) You acknowledge that as Wellington City Council Holiday Programmes are OSCAR accredited, personal information supplied may be shared with Oranga Tamariki, the Ministry of Social Development, and Te Kāhui Kāhu.

14. What happens if something gets damaged?

The Council staff will not be liable and will not accept liability for any loss or damage arising (by way of accident, injury, theft or otherwise) suffered by any person resulting from visiting the facility, or otherwise participating in any programme or activity at the facility, but every care will be taken.