Birthday parties at the pools

Birthday pool parties are best suited for 5 to 12-year-olds.

Birthday party options are available at our swimming pools. Please contact us to book in your birthday party request. 

Karori Pool

Keith Spry Pool

Tawa Pool

Thorndon Pool

Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre - WRAC


All our pool operations meet the national requirements of the PoolSafe standards and there'll be supervision by qualified lifeguards throughout the party.


For you and your children to have a great time at the pool, you need to follow these pool rules:

  • Actively supervise children who under 8 years old at all times (but you don't need to be in the water with them).
  • Keep children under 5 years old within arms-length of an adult at all times.
  • Anyone who has had diarrhoea within 14 days of the party should not swim for health reasons.
  • Children are not allowed in the saunas or steam rooms.