Payment options

You can pay your rates online, by direct debit, Internet / telephone banking, by mail or in person.

Rates due date extended

The due date for the rates instalment payment was 1 September 2021. Due to lockdown, this has been extended to 1 October 2021.

Under lockdown rules, we are unable to receive payments at our Service Centre, but you can pay your rates online.  

Direct debit

If you have a direct debit set up, it will be processed on the due date/s, unless you advise us at least two days prior to that date.

If you have a water meter

If we are still at Alert Level 3 or Level 4 in September there will be no meter readings. This means that you may not receive a September invoice. Your next invoice will include the period from September up until your reading date. It will be higher than your usual invoice because it covers a longer period.

Special/ final water meter readings can’t be taken at Alert Level 3 or 4 but we can produce a final/ special invoice based on a photo of your meter. If you can’t provide a photo please email us to request an estimate. Send photos and requests to

Rates rebate update

We are unable to process rates rebate applications at the moment. We will start processing applications again as soon as we can. Please note that this may not occur before the revised first instalment due date of 1st October.

If you are expecting a rates rebate, but are not able to make the full instalment payment and do not have a direct debit set up, please email us at so we can assist you with this.

Rates payment support and help

If you are worried about paying your rates invoice, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. Email or call 04 499 4444.

There are several ways to help you manage your rates payments such as spreading your payments into affordable amounts to be paid over the year or paying your rates online, by direct debit or internet/ telephone banking.

If you are on a low income, you can apply for a Government rates rebate. If you are eligible for the Government rates rebate, we can provide further help with up to $500 reduction of your rates.

Pay your rates online

You can pay your rates with your Visa or MasterCard card online. From the dropdown, select 'Rates, including metered water rates'.

Pay your rates online

  • Account number - You will need your rates account number from your quarterly Rates Invoice.
  • Online surcharge - A surcharge of 1.85% per transaction is charged for this service. There is a minimum fee of $3. Wellington City Council does not receive any part of this fee.
  • Allow processing time - Be sure to allow time before your instalment due date for processing the transaction. If you make your payment before 10.30pm, the payment will appear in your Wellington City Council rate account on the following business day. Transactions after 10.30pm will appear after two business days.
  • Terms and conditions - By paying your rates online you accept and agree to be bound by the Online Transactions Terms and Conditions.

Direct debit

You can arrange to pay your rates and water by direct debit from your bank account on either weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly instalments. If there are any changes to your rates amounts owing, they will be adjusted automatically - you do not have to visit the bank to make the change.

If you'd like to change the account your rates are paid from, please fill out the form below to set up a direct debit. This new direct debit will automatically cancel the previous one.

Online direct debit form

When there is a change in property ownership and you have a direct debit operating, we must cancel the direct debit. To get the direct debit cancelled, contact the Council's Rates and Billing Services team.

If you sell your property and purchase a new one, you must arrange a new direct debit. As the existing direct debit is an agreement on the property (not the person), this will not be automatically transferred to your new property. To arrange a new direct debit authority, either use the form above or contact the Council's Rates and Billing Services team.

Rates and Billing Services team

Financial queries:

Phone: 04 499 4444


Fax: 04 801 3011

Notification of change of postal address:

Phone: 04 499 4444


Internet or telephone banking

You can use internet or telephone banking to pay your rates. To make arrangements for either of these options:

  • identify “Wellington City Council” as the creditor
  • specify your rate account number (seven-digit number shown on the top-right corner of your Assessment Notice).

Wellington City Council should already be set up as a bill payee with your bank. You do not need to quote our bank account number just quote “Wellington City Council”. When prompted to add a reference / account number please show “RT” followed by your seven digit rate account number (this number can be located on your rates assessment notice, rates invoice or from the rates property search).

If you sell your property and purchase another, you will need to change the reference used to that of your new rate account number.

In person

Arapaki Manners Library and Service Centre

You can pay your rates in person with cash or EFTPOS at the Council's Service Centre, 12 Manners Street.

New Zealand Post

You can pay your rates in person with cash or EFTPOS at selected New Zealand Post outlets.

Use the PostShop locator to find your nearest branch, details of opening hours and services offered.

PostShop locator - New Zealand Post

Pay rates in full

Ratepayers are welcome to pay their full year's rates in one lump sum. The amount due for this option is detailed on the invoice as the balance to 30 June (includes any outstanding rates and penalties).


A 10% penalty will be added to any amount of the current instalment remaining unpaid after the due date.

An additional charge of 10% will be added on 1 July and 1 January to rates that remain unpaid from previous years.