Install a fireplace or solid fuel heater

If you are installing a solid fuel heater (like a free-standing wood burner, in-built fireplace or pellet burner) you need a minor works building consent.

1. Get a building consent

You must have a building consent before you install, move or substantially change a fireplace or solid fuel heater to make sure that it's installed properly and is safe to use.

How to apply

Apply online using the "Solid fuel burner" form in Simpli.

Apply online

You'll need detailed information about how the work to install the fireplace or wood burner will meet the Building Code – if you don't have building industry experience, you may want to ask the tradesperson installing the fire to apply for the building consent on your behalf.

What it costs

Applying for a building consent costs:

There's an additional $51.75 fee for applying online.

2. Install your fireplace or solid fuel heater

Once you have your building consent, you can install your solid fuel heating appliance.

Note: Before you use it for the first time, we need to inspect the appliance to make sure it's safe and issue a code compliance certificate.

3. Book the inspections

A free-standing wood burner needs one inspection, after it's installed but before you use it.

An inbuilt wood burner needs two inspections:

  • before fitting the fire box
  • after it's installed but before you use it.

The fee you paid for your building consent included an hour for each inspection required. If the inspector needs more time, you will receive an invoice that must be paid before your code compliance certificate is issued.

Building inspections

4. Apply for your code compliance certificate

Once the work has passed its final inspection, you need to apply for a code compliance certificate.

This certifies that the work is safe and complies with the building consent.

Applying for your code compliance certificate

Need help?

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