Build or demolish a retaining wall

Find out which Council permissions you might need to build, replace or demolish a retaining wall.

Resource consent

You may need resource consent if you're building a retaining wall:

  • close to a boundary
  • higher than 2.5 metres. 

Note: If you need resource consent, you should get it before you apply for any other consents or permissions.

Resource consents

Building consent

You need a building consent to build a retaining wall that will be:

  • load-bearing, or
  • more than 1.5m high at any point.

Building consents

If you're not sure if your retaining wall will be load-bearing, we recommend you talk to an engineer.

Hiring professionals and tradespeople

Other permissions you may need

If the work will encroach on the legal road

Wellington’s topography means you may sometimes need to use the road for your car deck or garage, or structures such as steps, fences or walls.

Use road reserve for private purposes