Supporting documents for an encroachment licence application

Find out about the documents you need to include with an encroachment licence application.

A3 plans (to scale) – preferably digital

Your proposal must meet the setback and height clearance guidelines and our road and encroachment policy.

To make sure your plans meet the requirements, please check:

Site plan


  • property boundaries, footpaths, kerbs, handrails, utility poles and services
  • location of existing and proposed fences (height 1 metre maximum), walls and landscape work
  • all trees and vegetation to be removed, including branches or parts of the tree to be pruned – each individual tree must be clearly marked and its species identified
  • mitigation planting with details of species, planter bag (PB) size, and density per square metre.

Front and side elevation drawings


  • gradients and the finished ground levels, if these will be altered
  • dimensions of proposed structures
  • dimensions of setbacks from the kerb edge. 

Comments from service authorities

You will need to request comments from local service authorities (for example, gas and water suppliers).

The service authorities will let you know whether or not there are any issues with your proposal.

Comments from neighbours

You'll need to seek the views of the property owners next to the proposed encroachment site. Normally this is limited to your neighbours on either side of the site – we will let you know if you need to consult more widely.

You can ask your neighbours to fill in the neighbour comments form, or to email you.

If you have not received a response from your neighbours after 2 weeks, you can submit your application without comments. Let us know that you had no response and we will try on your behalf.

Neighbour comments form (37KB PDF)

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