Encroachment setback and height clearance guidelines

To apply for an encroachment licence, your proposal must meet certain setback and height clearance guidelines.

Diagram showing the set back distances from the road.
Encroachment roading setback clearances.

Download as PDF: Setback and height clearance guidelines (518KB PDF)


Minimum height, footpath to canopy – 2400mm
Minimum height, footpath to balcony – 3000mm
Minimum setback, canopy edge to kerb face – 450mm

Minimum structure clearance over formed roadway:

  • Standard road routes – 4500mm
  • Overheight routes – 6000mm

Minimum park size (garage, carport, carpad, cardeck):

  • Perpendicular park – 6000mm x 3000mm
  • Parallel park – 6000mm x 3500mm

Minimum setback park to kerb face:

  • Garage, carport – 2700mm
  • Carpad, cardeck – 1700mm
  • If no footpath – 1000mm

Maximum height fenced land – 1000mm

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