Designated land for public works and network utilities

There are different rules for undertaking building work in designated areas.

Designated areas in the District Plan

Designated areas are areas of land that are put aside for network utilities and public works – for example, roads or schools.

How land is designated

Only requiring authorities can designate land.

Requiring authorities can be:

  • a Minister of the Crown
  • a local authority like a city or district council
  • an approved network utility operator.

If you're a network utility operator – for example, Spark or Wellington Water – you will need to apply to the Ministry for the Environment to be approved as a requiring authority.

About requiring authorities – Ministry of the Environment

Notices of requirement for new designated land

A notice of requirement allows a requiring authority to designate a piece of land for a particular activity – for example, setting aside land to build a new school.

Notice of requirement for new designated land

We strongly recommend having a pre-application meeting with us to discuss proposed plans before submitting a notice of requirement. This is requested in the same way you would request a pre-application for a Resource Consent.

Resource consent pre-application meetings

Undertaking building work on designated land

Requiring authorities don't need to apply for resource consent if a project infringes on the rules in the District Plan as long the project complies with the designation conditions and it is for the designated purpose. Instead, they need to:

  • submit an outline plan of works, or
  • request an outline plan waiver.

Outline plans are not open for submission from members of the public or affected parties.

Outline plan of works on designated land

Building projects on designated land still need a building consent before any building work can begin.

Applying for a building consent

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