Bus lane and bus stop tickets

If you use a bus lane or a bus stop illegally, you may receive a ticket.

Bus lane tickets

Parking officers monitor our bus lanes by filming a section where two cones are placed at least 50 metres apart.

Any vehicle that drives the length of these cones will be issued a Special Vehicle Lane Infringement.

Bus stop tickets

Parking officers monitor our bus stops using a range of different enforcement methods, including on street patrols and static camera.

Any vehicle that is parked on a bus stop may be issued a Bus Stop Infringement.

Pay or appeal online

You can pay your parking ticket online using internet banking or by credit card (Visa or MasterCard only). You have 56 days to pay the fee.

If you wish to appeal your ticket, you will need to provide evidence. You can request screenshots of the footage taken of your vehicle.

Pay or appeal a bus lane or bus stop ticket

Need help?

To talk to the Parking Resolutions team, phone our Contact Centre between 8am and 5pm on 04 499 4444.