Bus lane cameras

We’re gradually introducing more fixed cameras to monitor key bus lanes and bus stops, to help keep our city moving.

About the project

During 2024-2025, we’re planning and installing new fixed cameras at key bus lane and bus stop locations.

This will help to keep bus lanes free for buses and emergency service vehicles and make buses more reliable and quicker on the busiest routes in Wellington.

Improving the correct use of bus lanes supports the Wellington Bus Priority Plan. Giving priority to buses on key routes helps to move more people around the city in an efficient and climate-friendly way.

Camera locations

We’ll update this list as more locations are confirmed.

Location When
Courtenay Place East 2023
Adelaide Road (southbound) June 2024
Manners Street June 2024
Adelaide Road (northbound) August 2024
Pirie Street
August 2024
Riddiford Street
August 2024


The fixed cameras will operate within the requirements of the Privacy Act. Cameras will capture footage and images in bus lanes and bus stops for the sole purpose of enforcement. Signage will be installed near cameras to notify the public that cameras are operating, and that vehicles may be issued infringement notices.


Monitoring of bus lanes and bus stops is a requirement of the Land Transport Act 1998, and thus power is granted to the Council to perform the bus lane and bus stop enforcement.

Bus lanes are currently monitored by parking officers with tripod cameras.

The installation of fixed cameras will improve:

  • keeping bus lanes and bus stops clear for buses and emergency service vehicles
  • consistent enforcement for both moving and stationary vehicle offences
  • driver behaviour and correct use of bus lanes
  • parking officer safety by issuing infringements remotely.

How to use bus lanes

Nobody wants to be caught using a bus lane at the wrong time.

See how to use bus lanes correctly.