About parking infringements and fees

We issue parking tickets for a range of offences, including staying too long in a metered space and parking on a footpath.

Reasons we issue parking tickets

We can issue a parking ticket if you:

  • don’t pay for your parking
  • overstay the time limit
  • park unsafely – for example, on broken yellow lines or on the footpath
  • park a vehicle on a road with an expired warrant of fitness or licence label.

Paying a parking ticket

What you'll pay

In a car park with a meter

If you don’t pay for parking in a metered space, you’ll receive a $40 parking ticket. If you stay too long in a metered space or in a time restricted space you’ll receive a parking ticket with a fee depending on the time overstayed.

Up to 30 minutes $12
30 minutes to 1 hour $15
1 to 2 hours $21
2 to 4 hours $30
4 to 6 hours $42
More than 6 hours $57

On the side of the road

If you park in a way that's unsafe for pedestrians or other vehicles, you will receive a $60 fee.

This includes parking:

  • on or within six metres of an intersection
  • on or too close to a pedestrian crossing
  • on a broken yellow line
  • alongside a car that is parked on the side of the road (double parking)
  • inconsiderately
  • on a clearway
  • in an active bus lane
  • in a marked bus stop.

Other fees

Most other parking infringements incur a $40 fee. This includes parking on footpaths.

Some offences incur a $150 fee, such as parking in an area reserved for disabled people.

We allow a one calendar month grace period for vehicle owners to renew their Warrant of Fitness (WoF) and vehicle licence after the date of expiry. After this period, if your vehicle is unwarranted or unlicensed, you will be issued a $200 fee.

Your parking ticket explained

Term What it means
Notice Number (Notice No) Number of your infringement notice
Registration The vehicle's registration number
Type Vehicle type
Make Make of the vehicle
Date/Day Date and day the ticket was issued
Time/Officer Time the ticked was printed and the parking officer's number
Locality Where the vehicle was parked
Restriction Type of restriction – for example, parking 60 minutes
Start date/Start time Start date and time the officer first noted the offence
End date/End time End date and time of the offence
Offence Offence committed
Infringement fee Amount of the fine

Understanding parking tickets

Offences are controlled by the following pieces of legislation:

Maximum fees a council can charge are set out in the Land Transport (Offences and Penalties) Regulations 1999.

Need help?

You can view, pay or appeal your parking ticket online.

To talk to the Parking Resolutions team, phone our Contact Centre between 8am and 5pm on 04 499 4444.