Trial of e-bikes on tracks

Status Closed
Start date 1 December 2016
Closed date 15 December 2017

What happened to this consultation?

We sought your feedback on a 1-year trial of e-bikes on the open space network.

More Wellingtonians are choosing to ride e-bikes, and we want to find out how their use will affect our tracks. This 1-year trial will look at the impact e-bikes have on other track users and the environment.

A review will be carried out once the trial has finished, and this will help us make a final decision about where e-bikes will be allowed in our open space network long-term.


Download a map of the tracks included in the trial: proposed e-bike tracks (1.7MB PDF).

About e-bikes

An e-bike is a bicycle that is mainly powered by human energy but assisted by a maximum continuous rated electric motor of up to 300 watts. It is limited to 25 km/h. All other e-bikes are regarded as motorised vehicles. For a full definition, see Section 5, Network Principles of our Open Space Access Plan.

E-bikes might allow riders with limited abilities, experience or fitness to make better use of tracks already open to mountain bikes.