Traffic Resolutions - August 2020

Status Closed
Start date 30 June 2020
Closed date 14 July 2020
Number of submissions 42

What happened to this consultation?

Wellington City Council asked for feedback on 18 proposed traffic resolutions for Wellington.

The resolutions are for a variety of traffic and parking restrictions.

Following feedback and Council approval, the traffic restrictions will be added to the Council's legal database and instructions issued to contractors to install any signs and road markings.

Proposed changes

Reference Proposed changes
TR74-20 (92KB PDF) (Part of) Highbury Road - No Stopping At All Times
TR75-20 (86KB PDF)
(Part of) Landfill Road - No Stopping At All Times
TR77-20 (80KB PDF)
(Part of) Harrold Street - No Stopping At All Times
TR78-20 (79KB PDF)
(Part of) Cameron Street- No Stopping At All Times
TR80-20 (79KB PDF)
(Part of) Tauhinu Road – P120 Parking Restriction & No Stopping Restrictions.
TR81-20 (79KB PDF)
(Part of) Belfast Street - No Stopping At All Times
TR82-20 (82KB PDF)
(Part of) Fernhill Terrace - No Stopping At All Times (Various).
TR83-20 (82KB PDF)
(Part of) Raine Street - Extend Loading Zone, Removal of Mobility Park & No Stopping Restriction
TR85-20 (88KB PDF)
(Part of) Adelaide Road - Confirmation of P60 Time Restricted Parking; Proposed Emergency Vehicle Stop.
TR86-20 (82KB PDF)
(Part of) Colway Street - P60 Time Limited Parking Restriction
TR87-20 (103KB PDF)
(Part of) Austin & Ellice Street - Bus Stop Time Restrictions
TR88-20 (86KB PDF)
(Part of) Kent Terrace - Various Parking Changes
TR89-20 (80KB PDF)
(Part of) Park Road - P10 Loading Zone and P120 Parking Restrictions
TR90-20 (119KB PDF)
(Part of) Thatcher Crescent - No Stopping At All Times
TR91-20 (90KB PDF)
(Part of) Ellice Street - Resident Parking At All Times
TR105-20 (87KB PDF)
(Part of) Clifford Road – Give Way
TR106-20 (83KB PDF)
(Part of) Agra Crescent – Removal of Mobility Park Restriction
TR107-20 (87KB PDF)
(Part of) Batchelor Street - Time Limited parking and No Stopping At All Times

More information

For more information, please contact:
WCC Network Operations.
PO Box 2199, Wellington 6140
(04) 499 4444