Khandallah - housing choice & town centre plan

Status Closed
Start date 16 October 2015
Closed date 7 December 2015
Number of submissions 483

What happened to this consultation?

Wellington City Council sought your views on allowing medium-density housing to be developed in Khandallah.

Proposal Document (649KB PDF)
Khandallah as a medium-density housing area 
Khandallah town centre plan
Housing choice and town centre planning

A community meeting was held on 19 November 2015. See the meeting notes and the presentation given by council officers: Projects - Housing Choice and Supply - Feedback on Khandallah.

Summary of feedback received

See a breakdown of the feedback we received on this consultation: Khandallah - consultation feedback

All submissions are public documents and any person may request a copy of any or all submissions.

Next steps

  • On-going
    Council officers will continue to investigate issues raised in submissions, and will liaise with the Khandallah Rsidents Group and other residents who expressed a desire to be involved with the project. We will continue to liaise with local business and landowners to progress discussions about future development opportunities in the village centre.


Wellington’s population is growing and people’s housing needs are changing. There’s a greater need for housing choice to cater for one- and two-person households, a growing demand for lower maintenance properties, and a trend for people to want to move into different housing types in their existing suburb. We also need a greater supply of affordable good-quality housing.

The Council has a responsibility to give the community what it needs and to make it possible for a variety of housing types to be developed.