Draft Long-term Plan 2015−25

Status Closed
Start date 13 March 2015
Closed date 17 April 2015
Number of submissions 2191

What happened to this consultation?

Wellington City Council sought your views on our draft 2015-25 Long-term Plan.

Proposals and feedback

Information about the plan, the ideas we were proposing and the feedback we received, is all available on Our 10-year Plan

5-8 May 2015: Interactive oral hearings took place to accommodate all those who wished to speak to their submissions


These are large files and may take some time to download.

Next steps

  • 26-28 May 2015: The Governance, Finance and Planning Committee will deliberate all aspects of the draft Long-term Plan 2015/25
  • 24 June 2015: The final amended Long-term Plan 2015/25 will go to Council for adoption
  • The final Long-term Plan 2015/25 will be made available within 1 month of adoption

The draft plan provided for a ‘business as usual’ programme in which core Council services are maintained in line with current levels. Under that programme, Wellington may continue to be a great place to live – but centre stage will be elsewhere.

The better option – the one we proposed − is to ‘invest for growth’. For a small and manageable increase in debt and rates, the Council would support new initiatives to unlock the city’s growth potential. The up-front investment is modest. The long-term benefit is potentially huge.

Our sustainable growth agenda

By choosing the option to invest for growth, the following projects could be advanced:

  • A longer airport runway: bringing in more international visitors, and enhancing business and education connections.
  • Screen & tech industries: supporting smart and sustainable economic growth
  • Inner city regeneration: promoting housing and a vibrant inner city
  • Revitalise the Civic Square precinct: a national music hub, more activity, and a strengthened Town Hall
  • Reigniting our sense of place through creative events and public space improvements
  • Strengthening town centres: creating liveable communities and accommodating growth
  • New and improved venues for music, sport, and conventions
  • New visitor attractions: celebrating Wellington’s culture and environment
  • Improved management of key infrastructure: for greater efficiency, and better environmental and social outcomes
  • Use smart technology to reduce energy use, make streets safer, and make parking easier
  • Real transport choices for an efficient, sustainable and safe transport network

More information

Marissa Cairncross
Senior Advisor, Planning and Reporting

Phone  021 247 8683
Email  LongTermPlan@wcc.govt.nz