Long-term Plan 2015−25

The Long-term Plan 2015-25 was adopted by the Council on 24 June 2015.

Our 2015-25 Long-term Plan sets out how and why we propose to ‘invest for growth’ over the next 10 years. Our strong financial position means we can afford to invest in growth projects on top our ‘business as usual’ work programme but also invest in identified new initiatives. There will be no trade-offs or reductions in services; there will be a modest increase in debt and the forecasted average rates increase of 3.9%.

Between 13 March – 17 April 2015 we asked the public whether they would like to invest in ‘business as usual’ or ‘invest in growth’. Under our ‘business as usual’ work programme, in which core Council services were maintained in line with current levels of service, Wellington may continue to be a great place to live, but we would lose talent and opportunities. Under our ‘invest for growth’ work programme we’d continue to invest in ‘business as usual’ but also identified new initiatives to unlock the city’s growth potential in exchange for a small and manageable increase in debt and rates. We, along with submitters supported the option to investing ‘invest for growth’.

The plan is published in two volumes:


Consultation on the draft Long-term Plan took place between March and April 2015. To see what we consulted on and the feedback we received, go to: 

Draft Long Term Plan 2015-25 closed consultation

Long-term Plan 2018-28

We aim to review our Long-term Plan every three years. In 2018, due to the significant changes to Wellington we updated, consulted and adopted a revised our Long-term Plan for 2018-2018. 

To find our more about, see: Long-term Plan 2018-28.

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