Long-term Plan 2015−25

The Long-term Plan 2015-25 was adopted by the Council on 24 June 2015.

Our 2015-25 10-year plan sets out how and why we propose to ‘invest for growth’. We will support new initiatives that unlock the city’s growth potential. This will happen in exchange for a small and manageable increase in debt and rates.

We'll continue with ‘business as usual’ while we put our growth agenda in place. This will happen without making any trade-offs or proposing service cuts. Our plan focuses on essential services with extra funds to sustain growth.

Our strong financial position means we can afford to invest in growth projects. To support our growth, there will be modest increases in debt and rates. These will be limited to 3.9% per year on average over the next 10 years.

Consulting on the draft Long-term Plan



Long Term Plan 2015-2025: Volume 1 (5.1MB PDF)



Long Term Plan 2015-2025: Volume 2 (650KB PDF)


You can download the Long-term Plan as a PDF or check out the accessible online version of the Long-term Plan 2015-25

More information

Fiona Lewis
Senior Advisor, Planning and Reporting

Email  LongTermPlan@wcc.govt.nz