Improving the way we work

We’ll improve our engagement with the community and be smarter about how we deliver our services.

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Continuing to implement the Living Wage

What we're proposing: We will:

  • Raise the minimum living wage paid by the Council and Council controlled organisations to the official rate of $20.20
  • On a case-by-case basis, apply the living wage to relevant contracts for regular core services

Why we're proposing it: In 2013, to encourage productivity, careers and a commitment to public service, the Council introduced the living wage of $18.40 an hour. This applied mainly to the Council’s frontline staff, for example those working in our parks and libraries.

The next step is to raise this rate to the official New Zealand Living Wage level of $20.20 and apply the living wage to relevant contracts for regular core services, with the main focus being cleaning and sanitation services.Those contracts already part of the living wage programme would move to $20.20 on 1 July 2017.

Continued implementation of the living wage will allow the Council to become an Accredited Living Wage Employer within the next 3 years.

Cost and impact on rates: $700,000 for 2017/18. This equals an 0.2% increase in rates.

More resources for community engagement

What we're proposing and why we're proposing it: The Council wants to improve and increase the involvement and conversations it has with communities to allow for more meaningful engagement. The engagement resources developed through this project will be used for community engagement projects that enable more people to participate. This will help match what the Council does with community aspirations. To do this, existing engagement and consultation resources need to be increased to expand the way in which the Council talks to and gathers feedback from communities.

Cost and impact on rates: This will cost $75,000. Less than 0.1% increase in rates.