Our 2017/18 initiatives

The November 2016 earthquake highlighted the need to further increase the city’s resilience. As a result, it has become a priority for the Council to develop and fund resilience projects, and this has seen a change in the timing of some projects and related capital spending contained in the Long-term Plan. 

These proposed changes do not affect the Council’s core levels of service (for example, roads, water and sewerage) for 2017/18. In preparing the proposed changes for each project we have reviewed a range of options, including making no changes for 2017/18.

More resilient

We want our people and businesses to adapt and grow, no matter what the future brings.

    Smarter growth

    We’ll work with Wellingtonians for inclusive growth, and invest in a thriving knowledge economy.


      We value our open, creative, cosmopolitan culture and the stories and identities it is built on.

        More sustainable

        From climate change to efficient use of our resources, we face a number of environmental challenges.

          Improving the way we work

          We’ll improve our engagement with the community and be smarter about how we deliver our services.