Funding applications - what you need to know

To apply online, you'll need to register on our Funding Portal. Make sure you understand what to include in your application.

Get ready to apply

  • Check your organisation and project are a good match for our funding priorities.
  • Scope the project.
  • Create your budget.
    • There’s usually no need to request funding for specific item costs. We often offer grants as a contribution to the costs of a project. Sometimes we'll add conditions to the amount granted to exclude items that we might not normally fund.
    • We don’t generally support full project costs and encourage you to identify other funds you can simultaneously apply for to help make your project successful.
  • Find a match for your project which fits the priorities and criteria of one of our funds.
  • Decide how much you want to apply for from the Council - look at the past allocations of our funds to see how much similar projects received.
  • Check the closing date of the fund you're applying for.
  • Identify what other funds you can apply for and how you'll pay for the rest of your project - for some suggestions, see other funding sources.
  • Register on our funding portal and complete the online application form.

Checklist for a good application

Be honest and realistic about your needs and the costs for which you're seeking funds. If you're successful, we'll attempt to make a fair contribution to your project.

Successful applications will have:

  • a clear budget which sets out:
    • realistic costs with a complete overview of finances, including where all the money will come from for your project (including other funders)
    • a list of all main budget areas with explanations where necessary.
  • Information on whether:
    • any other funding sources support your project
    • you've applied to other funders
    • you've other income.

If you've received a grant from us in the past, we'll also need to know you've sent back your accountability report on time.

Important details in your project description

For each application we need to know:

  • what you want to do
  • who will be involved
  • when it will happen
  • what the outcomes will be – these are the outcomes we’ll ask you to report back on once the project is completed.

As part of your application, you can attach supporting documents to your online form – for example, financial documents and letters of support.

After you've applied

After you submit your funding application, you'll receive an email to acknowledge receipt of your application.

Through the funding portal, you'll be able to keep track of your funding application/s and receive updates from us.

Once a decision has been made, you'll be notified by email.

For more information on decisions, see how funding decisions are made.

If your application is successful

For those grants that are approved, applicants will need to log in to our funding portal to:

  • check and agree to the funding agreement
  • follow further instructions.

Once the funding agreement has been accepted and any conditions met, you'll receive a payment for the grant.

One of the conditions of receiving Council funding is that you acknowledge the Council’s support so ratepayers can see how their money has been used.

You'll also be asked to submit an accountability report on the project outcomes either after your project is completed or within a year of the date the funding round closed.

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