Social Contract for a safer city

Wellington City Council, Greater Wellington Regional Council, the City’s hospitality industry, retailers, and Police have launched a social contract asking Wellingtonians to join them to keep the city safe.

About the project

We love our city. And we want everyone to feel welcome here. Everyone should feel accepted, understood, and safe. And no more so than in our central city. We want a CBD and City that is vibrant, inclusive, and compassionate. 
Cities around New Zealand and the world are facing the same challenges: Wellington has a proud history of tolerance and inclusiveness. We can lead the way. This means committing to act in a way which will deliver a safer and compassionate city both during the day and night.

Who we are working with

We have joined forces with Police, Greater Wellington Regional Council, and the City’s hospitality and retail sectors to sign up to a new social licence for Wellington. This means pledging support for actions which will collectively deliver a safer, more vibrant, and compassionate city. 

Social contract aims for safer city - Wellington City Council News 26 March 2021

What needs to be done

We all have a role to play in making the inner city a welcoming place to be. Across local government, central government, police, hospitality, retail, and many others we all have things we can bring to the table – big or small. We’re asking Wellingtonians to join us in supporting this social contract for Wellington.

What are we doing already?

In September 2020, the Police and Wellington City Council prepared a report on safety in and around Te Aro Park. A number of recommended actions have already been implemented and we’re considering what other actions we can take.

Safety in Wellington - Making Te Aro Park safer - Wellington City Council

Wellington City Council has committed to:

  • Opening a community base in an empty shop in the Opera House, to provide a presence for community partners, including social agencies, in the central city 
  • An immediate $95,000 spending increase for Take 10 – to continue to provide a late-night safe zone in Courtenay Place on Friday and Saturday nights
  • Bringing forward the conversion of street lighting in Courtenay Place to LEDs, which can be altered for brightness, from 2026 to next financial year 
  • A commitment to improving the design and location of the Te Aro Park toilets including demolition of the toilets at their current site. 

Greater Wellington Regional Council has committed to:

Reviewing the full range of public transport night services.

Police have committed to: 

Proactively monitoring the Alcohol-free Zones in the city and helping educate people about where they can or can’t drink in the City. 
Safer Wellington Social Contract: Police Focus on Alcohol-free Zones - Wellington City Council News 16 April 2021

The hospitality sector has committed to: 

  • Introducing a code of conduct for customers and operators
  • Employing extra security liaison staff to work alongside door people.


Taxi Parking trial on Courtenay Place