Pay by Plate parking meters

We’re updating the city’s parking meter system with new Pay by Plate meters.

A Council parking officer standing next to a yellow and black Pay by Plate parking meter on a street in Wellington.

We’re replacing existing on-street parking meter technology which is nearing its end of life with a new Pay by Plate system.

Pay by Plate is a paperless system that uses your vehicle licence plate number to record your parking time and payment.

This is part of our city-wide planning and transformation work, to accommodate Wellington’s growing population and to fairly share the public space on our streets. The new technology is easy to use and it can adapt to future changes to our city streets.

The contractor ADRiley is supplying the Pay by Plate meter system.


Installation of the new Pay by Plate meters will start in late September.

The new meters will be operational from early January 2024.

How to use the new meters 

You can pay by debit card or credit card using PayWave. Or you can pay with coins.

To pay for parking, enter your vehicle licence plate number into the meter, and pay for the time you want to park. 

260 meters will be card-only and 140 will be coin and card machines. The new meters include a link to a web page that has a list and map to show you where the nearest coin machine is – if this is your preferred way to pay. 

You’ll still be able to use the PayMyPark app to pay for parking. You’ll need to enter the parking area for where you are parked, instead of the parking bay number. The parking area will be visible on the side of the nearest Pay by Plate parking meter (for example, W01, W02,...W37). 

Parking fees will stay the same. $3, $4 or $5 per hour on weekdays – depending on your location – and $3 on weekends.

Pay by Plate parking meters information sheet (288KB PDF) | Text version (831KB RTF)

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