PayMyPark smartphone app

Download this free app and pay for on-street and coupon parking with your smartphone.

How to use PayMyPark

Download PayMyPark for free from the iTunes Apple Store or Google Play

If you don't have a smartphone, you can pay for parking using the PayMyPark website.

You can choose to pay per session as a casual user, or set up an account.

Casual users pay a fee on each transaction (50c), while account holders only pay when they transfer money to their PayMyPark account. Account holders can also use a start-stop function, which means they only pay for the time they've parked.

Businesses can set up one account for all staff members to use. 

Benefits of using PayMyPark

  • You only pay for the time you've parked – no need to guess how long you need to pay for parking.
  • You can receive an alert when your paid parking is about to expire and extend your time remotely (up to the maximum time allowed).
  • If you finish early, you can stop the parking session and get a refund to your account.
  • Businesses can simplify their parking costs with one account for all vehicles.

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