Dorrie Leslie Park upgrades

Work to upgrade Dorrie Leslie Park is underway.

About the project

From December 2023 to June 2024 work will be happening in stages to upgrade Dorrie Leslie Park in Lyall Bay. 

Hard landscaping will happen over Summer 2023-24 to exclude vehicles from the grass area and create a new footpath away from the road edge. Planting will happen during Winter 2024.

Project scope

  • Add a new asphalt footpath away from the road edge
  • Remove existing footpath
  • Add a new curb crossing for vehicles at the northern entrance
  • Establish a barrier around the grass area to exclude vehicle access using rocks, wharf timbers, and earth mounds
  • Install picnic tables
  • Plant coastal natives on the earth mounds 

For a visual breakdown of the proposed upgrades, refer to the Dorrie Leslie Park proposed plans (1.9MB PDF).

Contact us

For general questions or concerns about this project, contact Tim Harkness, Walkways and Reserves Specialist.