Berhampore Village upgrades

We are upgrading Berhampore Village as part of the Council’s Long-Term Plan ‘Small Centres Beautification’ goal.

Artistic render of the Berhampore Village upgrades showing a wide footpath with seating, trees and planting.
Artistic render of the Berhampore Village upgrades.

About the project

Works to make Berhampore a more attractive, pedestrian friendly village began September 2023 and are set to wrap up mid-April 2024.

The scope for these works includes making it safer and easier for people to move around Berhampore by re-asphalting the ground and remodelling the steps and planter walls outside of Sprig + Fern and along Luxford Street and Adelaide Road. Additionally, this scope includes installing furniture, street art, plants, and seating throughout the intersection.

The remaining onsite works from our team include adding this seating, a bulletin board, and wayfinding signage to the area. These works are happening onsite between 7.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Local students from Wellington East Girls College have teamed up with talented artists, Ruth Robertson Taylor and Tracy Underwood to bring a stunning new mural to life as part of the upgrades. This mural is currently being created outside Sprig and Fern, and we look forward sharing more about the process in an upcoming Our Wellington story.

Traffic management

Pedestrian access will be maintained throughout the final installation works. There will be crew onsite to help vulnerable users access the space where necessary. John Fillmore Contracting (JFC) are responsible for carrying out these works. 

Contact us

For more information about the wider Berhampore Village Upgrade project you can visit our Transport Projects website.

If you have any questions or concerns about the project, email