Commemorative Policy

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The Commemorative Policy provides the Council with a framework to guide the location of commemorative memorials and to assist with their management. The primary aim of this Policy is to direct the placement, management and recording of commemorative memorials in Wellington City’s parks and reserves. The objective of this Policy is therefore:

To ensure that commemorative memorials in the City’s parks and reserves are well placed and complementary to the surrounding environment, while meeting the needs of the sponsor and parks and reserves management activities.

Application for other types of memorials will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Sculptures and other artwork will be managed under the Public Art Policy.




Application Process for Commemorative Memorials

Commemorative Plantings

Commemorative Furniture

Commemorative Plaques

Recording of Memorials

Interments and Scatterings on Public Land

Appendix 1 - Map of Commemorative Tree Locations

Appendix 2 - Commemorative Memorial Application Form

Appendix 3 - Interment / Scattering Application Form