Growth and development strategies, plans and policies

We have several strategies, plans and policies in place to guide Wellington City's growth and development.


The Council has several long-term strategies that guide the city's growth and development:

  • Wellington Towards 2040: Smart Capital - sets an overarching vision to guide the development of the city over the next 30 years.
    Wellington Towards 2040: Smart Capital
  • The Spatial Plan - is a growth strategy for our city that sets out a plan of action for where and how we should grow and develop over the next 30 years.
    A Spatial Plan for Wellington City
  • Housing Strategy - this sets out our approach to addressing the city’s housing challenges and meeting our vision: "All Wellingtonians well housed".
    Housing Strategy

Plans and policies

The Council also has plans and policies that provide an integrated approach towards planning for Wellington's growth needs. These include:

  • Centres Policy - a framework to guide the development and management of the city's network of centres.
    Centres Policy
  • Centre Plans - specific place-based plans developed for the city's key growth areas and major centres including, for example, the central city, Johnsonville, Kilbirnie and Adelaide Road.
  • District Plan - regulatory framework for managing land use in Wellington city through the use of zones.
    District Plan
  • Waterfront Framework - guides the development of the city's central waterfront area into a world-class waterfront.
    Waterfront Framework
  • Waterfront Design Guides:
  • Code of Practice for Land Development - provides the minimum standards for infrastructure such as earthworks, roading, water and drainage when developing land.
    Code of Practice for Land Development
  • Long-term Plan - sets out what the Council will be doing over the next 10 years to progress the goals set out in our 2040 vision document.
    Long-term Plan