Mākara/Ōhāriu Community Board

Meeting agenda

1.  Meeting Conduct

1.1  Apologies

1.2  Conflict of Interest Declarations

1.3  Confirmation of Minutes

1.4  Public Participation

1.5  Items not on the Agenda

2.  Oral Reports

2.1 Draft Long Term Plan Submission

2.2  Makara/Ohariu Community Plan

2.3  Code of Conduct

2.4  Makara Guardians Incorporated

2.5  Roading

2.6  Project Mill Creek and Community Liaison Group

3.  Reports

3.1  Resource Consent Applications and Approvals for 26 July to 31 August 2014

3.2  Makara/Ohariu Community Board - 2015 Meetings

3.3  Forward Programme






Council and Committee meetings are livestreamed on our YouTube page. This includes any public participation at the meeting. (The video will display here when it is available.)

Community Board, Advisory Group, Forum and District Licensing Committee meetings are not livestreamed.

Attending and speaking at meetings

You can attend or give your opinion at a Council, committee, or community board meeting. Advisory groups are also open to the public, but follow different rules.

Attending and speaking at meetings


Information and recommendations contained in all agendas and reports are recommendations only and are not to be construed in any way, as Council policy until adopted. Minutes are unconfirmed until confirmed at a subsequent meeting.