Southern Ward

Election 2010: results for the Southern Ward.

The candidate at the top of the list received the most votes while the candidate at the bottom of the list received the least.

Vacancies: 2
Candidate Status Iteration Votes
Paul Eagle Elected 5 2,354
Bryan Robert Pepperell Elected 11 2,218.09
Will Moore Not elected 11 1,774.53
Keith Johnson Not elected 9 1,218.52
Greg McPhee Not elected 7 821.29
Ida Faiumu-Isa'ako Not elected 5 495
Rex Nairn Not elected 4 431
Bernard O'Shaughnessy Not elected 3 276
Seann Paurini Not elected 2 189
Thomas Morgan Not elected 1 96

Elected candidate - This candidate is declared elected.

Not elected candidates - These are listed from the last candidate excluded during the STV counting process to the first - in reverse order of exclusion.

  • The first 'not elected' candidate listed was excluded last.
  • The last 'not elected' candidate listed was excluded first.
  • Candidates with the fewest numbers of votes are excluded first. After a candidate is excluded from the counting, his or her votes are redistributed to the other candidates still in the race in accordance with individual voters' preferences.