2009 Tawa Community Board election

Results for 2009 Tawa Community Board election.

A by-election was held on 21 November 2009 to fill a vacancy on the Tawa Community Board. Malcolm Sparrow was elected to the vacancy. The final results of the by-election are listed below.

This by-election was held using the Single Transferable Voting (STV) system.

The candidate at the top of the list received the most votes, while the candidate at the bottom of the list received the least.

Vacancies: 1
Candidate Status Iteration Votes
Malcolm Lloyd SPARROW Elected 6 1466
Alistair SUTTON Not elected 6 759
Margaret LUCAS Not elected 6 678
Richard HERBERT Not elected 5 558
Carol LONG Not elected 4 181
Thomas G P MORGAN Not elected 3 141
Neil John WILSON Not elected 2 55
Maree Helen LIBEAU Not elected 1 37

Malcolm Sparrow was sworn into office on 10 December 2009.

Elected candidate - This candidate received the required number of votes and is therefore declared elected to the vacancy.

Not elected candidates - These candidates are listed from the last candidate excluded during the STV counting process to the first - in reverse order of exclusion.

The first 'not elected' candidate listed was excluded last.

The last 'not elected' candidate listed was excluded first.

Candidates with the fewest numbers of votes are excluded first. After a candidate is excluded from the counting, his or her votes are redistributed to the other candidates still in the race in accordance with individual voters' preferences.

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