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Tawa Community Board 2022
Members: Jackson Lacy, Miriam Moore, Rachel Allan, Jill Day, Tim Davin, Janryll Fernandez.

Board members

Chair: Jill Day
Deputy Chair: Tim Davin
Members: Councillor Ben McNulty, Councillor Tony Randle, Rachel Allan, Tim Davin (Deputy Chair), Jill Day (Chair), Janryll Fernandez (resigned May 2023), Jackson Lacy, Miriam Moore.

Vision statement

Tawa Community Board – A strong voice for a connected community. "A village atmosphere in a world class city."

Terms of Reference

Community Boards Terms of Reference and Delegations 2022-2025 (184KB PDF)

Summary of pecuniary interests

Summary of pecuniary interests – Tawa Community Board (105KB PDF)

Contact us

Tawa Community Board Chairperson email: Jill.Day@wcc.govt.nz
All Elected Board Members email: tawacommunityboard@wcc.govt.nz