Tawa Community Board

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Picture of the Tawa Community Board members.

Board members (from left to right): Cr Malcolm Sparrow, Cr Jill Day, Graeme Hansen, Richard Herbert (Chair), Margaret Lucas (Deputy Chair), Robyn Parkinson, Jack Marshall, Liz Langham


Tawa Community Board Members 2016-2019 triennium.

Board members (from left to right): Margaret Lucas (Deputy Chair), Jack Marshall, Cr Jill Day, Richard Herbert (Chair), Robyn Parkinson, Cr Malcolm Sparrow, Graeme Hansen


Vision statement

Tawa Community Board – A strong voice for a connected community
. "A village atmosphere in a world class city."

Meeting schedule 2019

Meeting schedule 2019

Note: Meeting times and dates are publicly notified and subject to change, to confirm dates contact Democratic Services.

Terms of Reference and membership

Terms of Reference

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For more information on Tawa Community Board please contact democraticserivces@wcc.govt.nz