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Members of Tawa Community Board
Members: Malcolm Alexander, Councillor Malcolm Sparrow, Councillor Jill Day, Jackson Lacy, Robyn Parkinson (Chair), Anna Scott, Richard Herbert, Graeme Hansen.

Board members

Chair - Robyn Parkinson
Deputy Chair - Jackson Lacy
Members - Councillor Jill Day, Richard Herbert, Robyn Parkinson (Chair), Anna Scott, Graeme Hansen, Malcolm Alexander, Jackson Lacy

Vision statement

Tawa Community Board – A strong voice for a connected community. "A village atmosphere in a world class city."

Meeting schedule 2021

Meeting schedule 2021

Note: Meeting times and dates are publicly notified and subject to change – to confirm dates contact Democracy Services.

Terms of Reference and membership

Terms of Reference

More information

Tawa Community Board Chairperson email: Robyn.parkinson@wcc.govt.nz
All Elected Board Members email: tawacommunityboard@wcc.govt.nz

2021 Tawa Community Civic Awards