Mahi Ana ki Konei
Working here

Find out about our employee benefits, our vision and purpose as well as how we value inclusion and diversity.

Working for Wellington

One of the best things about working at the Council is the people. We’re passionate and committed and we care about our city and community. We’re proud of our mahi and every day we see how the work we do helps make Pōneke a better place to live, work and play – from our libraries, to our parks and gardens to our pools and streets.

Our people love that they’re making an impact – we help keep our city safe and we are kaitiaki for our people, our places and our environment, protecting them for future generations. 

Our people feel cared for – they know their health, safety and wellbeing are supported and we take that committment seriously.

Like our city, our mahi is diverse and exciting. Our people feel encouraged to learn, grow and develop. And we’re on that journey too – we’re always improving and looking at how we can be more creative, diverse and inclusive, so we all feel like we belong here.

Learn more about working here, and working for Wellington. Maybe you belong here too?

If you're feeling short of inspiration all you have to do is go for a walk outside and you know what you're here for – our city, our people and their businesses.

Employee survey, November 2022